Assessing Motivation Course

The course will introduce you to using motivation assessments in organisations. Upon completion of the course you can download a certificate from the "View Progress" area.

What you'll learn

  • What is meant by motivation and how it relates to needs, goals, values, beliefs and interests.
  • The distinction between content and process theories of motivation.
  • Why motivation matters in the workplace.
  • Introducing Sova’s motivation model.
  • How to interpret results.
  • The reports available and when to apply these.
  • How to feed-back results, including helpful questions to ask.
  • The distinction between motivation and personality and the value in assessing both within the workplace.
  • Examples of applying motivation assessment to leadership, career planning and transition, and selection.

The Instructors

Lucie Ilbury CPsychol

Head of Client Enablement, Sova Assessment