Digital assessment for the future

This course explores how you can effectively digitalise your assessment process both in response to the pressures it faces in the here and now, as well as future-proofing your approach for the longer term.

6 Modules

Module 4 - Managing your digitalised assessment process

So, you’ve designed your new digital assessment process, but what planning do you need to do to ensure this is managed effectively in practice? This module covers key points to help you effectively facilitate your new assessment approach. You will find this module helpful if you are project managing the roll out of your organisation’s new digitalised assessment approach, overseeing the team involved in ongoing delivery, or a member of the recruitment or talent acquisition team.

Module 5 - Evaluation and preparing for the future

The final module guides you through the evaluation of your assessment process and how to prepare for the future, including an introduction to machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  This module will be beneficial to you if you are involved in the continuous improvement of your organisation’s assessment process or project managing the evaluation of your organisation’s digital assessment approach. 

What you'll learn

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