Equitable Assessment

Why equality is not enough

4 Modules

What you'll learn

  • Module 1 – understand the landscape with regards to diversity and inclusion
  • Appreciate the breadth of issues that remain.
  • Understand the differences between diversity, inclusion, equity and equality and their practical implications.
  • Recognise the role of assessment in diversity and inclusion.
  • Module 2 – appreciate the obstacles to equitable assessment and how these can be overcome.
  • Gain clarity over the business case for equitable assessment.
  • Identify specific components of the assessment process that can threaten diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  • Recognise the importance of a strategic, long term perspective to support meaningful and sustained change.
  • Module 3 – practical guidance and advice on how to turn intention into action.
  • Understand the psychological phenomena that can impact diversity and inclusion at an individual, group and organisational level.
  • Learn about Sova’s maturity model to obtain a practical framework to optimise your approach.
  • Obtain tailored feedback for your organisation by completing our complimentary online assessment.
  • Appreciate common barriers to change that can impact the efficacy of organisational initiatives.

The Instructors

Lucie Ilbury CPsychol

Head of Client Enablement, Sova Assessment

Sova Community Team

Community Team, Sova