How to effectively role out a global talent assessment digital transformation project.

Rolling out a global assessment transformation project that’s digital-first that meets the needs of your candidates, and your multinational organisation and is part of wider transformation project to improve customer experience is no small undertaking. The demands on your tech, team and time are all crucial elements to consider when transforming your talent assessment processes.

However, to ensure the wider digital transformation of your business can be effective you need the right candidates in the right roles, so it’s crucial for the roll-out of your processes and technology to be seamless, to ensure change management is a success and delivers the ultimate candidate experience.

During this webinar, we’ll sit down with Margarita Echeverria Rengifo, Global Head of Talent Assessment, Vodafone, Simon Defoe, Global Talent Manager, Vodafone, and Dr. Alan Bourne, CEO & Founder at Sova to discuss:

1. How could talent assessment be deployed and democratised across a global business, balancing consistency with individual market autonomy?

2. How could talent assessment play a direct role in the digital transformation of your company, both in terms of technology and outcomes?

3. How can assessment support your company’s commitment to diversity that is key to finding the talent you need to transform?

4. How can talent strategy become more closely aligned to your company values and goals?

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