Improving applicant tracking systems through communication

Improving applicant tracking systems through communication

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can be incredibly helpful during the hiring process. With high volumes of applicants for even a single position, this handy tool can seem like a godsend for any recruiter. That being said, ATS processes are not infallible, and need to be used with care, to prevent quality candidates from slipping through the cracks.  

A report last year from researchers at Harvard Business School found that of 2,275 senior leaders surveyed across Germany, the UK and the US, 88% said that “high-skills candidates are vetted out of the process because they do not match the exact criteria established by the job description.”

Read more in HR Brew's latest blog where Sam Blum interviews our very own Dr. Charles Handler to determine how clear communication between recruiters, HR, and management teams can help root out inefficiencies in their ATS processes. 

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