Inclusive.Hiring | WORKSHOP: Levelling the Playing Field in Recruitment | 27 May 2021, 11:00 am BST

A talk by Alan Bourne, CEO & Founder, Sova Assessment
Inclusive.Hiring | WORKSHOP: Levelling the Playing Field in Recruitment | 27 May 2021, 11:00 am BST

About Inclusive.Hiring 

Last year Torin Ellis, along with hundreds of passionate individuals (all of whom were striving to make a real difference), came together to create something special: Inclusive.Hiring.

Inclusive.Hiring makes noise for the voices that need to be heard and is a springboard for people to gain the awareness to take action. Although we have seen amazing progress so far, we’re not done yet!

With a roster of world-renowned DEI experts and Talent Acquisition Leaders, Inclusive.Hiring will deliver inspirational talks that showcase an eclectic blend of perspectives, and practical workshops that provide you with frameworks and crowdsourced solutions to your existing challenges.

#InclusiveHiring21 is set to continue the positive change that was started last year. We invite you to join us on 26th-27th of May to make the world of work better for everyone. 

About this talk

The recruitment process is the entry point for talent coming into your organisation, so building objectivity and fairness into every stage is critical for building a diverse and inclusive workforce. Scientific evidence and employment data consistently show that many of the decisions we make as humans are deeply flawed that discrimination and bias persist in many organisations and the prospects of people in minority groups are compromised. It is clear there is still much to be done to create equality of opportunity in the workplace. The answer to tackling diversity, equality and inclusion in recruitment does not lie in tactical, one-off ‘solutions’, it requires a strategic review of every touch point, every process and every tool you and your teams use to select talent. A structural issue requires a structural response. We believe that assessment technology, if designed in the right way, has the power to create a level playing field for recruitment and career progression.

Outcomes: In this interactive session, we will help you close the gap between the intent and taking action. Alan Bourne, CEO and founder, Sova Assessment will share a framework for reviewing your hiring process, identifying potential weak points and building a data-driven, end-to-end process optimised for diversity, efficiency and effectiveness.

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