Power of One webinar

To find out more about the Power of One - One unified assessment platform powering your people decisions check-out this webinar.
Power of One webinar

From traditional HCMs to innovative start-ups, HR has more than 1400 tech providers from which to build their recruitment tech-stack, and are heavily investing in this area, with research estimating that the average organisation spends £250 per employee per year on HR tech. Although large companies typically have 9.1 core talent applications, our research shows that 60% of organisations are still running paper based assessment centres and the majority have concerns about the application of AI. Rather than reducing time and cost savings with effective assessment, a fragmented tech-stack can lead to a disjointed user experience and a lack of fully integrated data to help inform recruitment decisions.

In this on-demand webinar, we demonstrate how we can use technology to create a coherent end-to-end assessment journey, that uses ethical, intelligent and responsibly applied AI to make data-driven decisions that are fair, robust and based on science, while providing an immersive experience for candidates.

For more details and further reading take a look at the Power of One whitepaper

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