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Welcome to the community - introduce yourself here!

Started over 1 year ago

Welcome to the Sova Community. We want to get to know you a little better and also help you to connect with other community members. Introduce yourself below this post in the comments section, start with:

  1. What's your name
  2. What's your job title and who do you work for?
  3. What interested you in joining this community and what do you hope to gain from it?

Hi everyone, really excited to be part of the Sova Community. I am HR BP working for a consultancy. Really interested in Diversity and Inclusion and how to ensure fairness in assessment. 

Hi Emma, welcome to the community! It's so lovely to have you here. We have some really exciting content coming soon around diversity and inclusion, but in the mean time, have you read our  recent white paper - Levelling the playing field? Thanks!

Welcome to the community Emma! Thrilled you've joined us. We're planning to launch a course dedicated to D&I in the coming months. For now, check-out our Digitalising your assessment process course and also please do have a look at the content in the Assessment Forum as there are lots of interesting pieces on D&I and we'd love to get your insight on those! 

Hello, my name is Claire Rahmatallah, I'm Director of Marketing at Sova. I'm really excited to see how the Community evolves and hope that it will become an important channel to share ideas and resources but also connect with other professionals in the industry!

Hi everyone, wonderful to be part of the community! I'm Sian and have worked within the world of business psychology for over 10 years, helping organisations select and develop the best talent in the fairest way. I love learning and I'm really excited to get stuck into the online courses within the community platform and attending events! 

Hello, I'm Becky, an Occupational Psychologist, based in the U.A.E. I support organisations to use assessments in an engaging and data driven manner, with a specific interest in leadership development. It would be great to connect with anyone who is using the Sova leadership or derailment reports, to share insights!

Hi all! I'm Emma Foote, Head of Campaigns and Community at Sova. If you have any questions relating to the community feel free to drop me a line or the @Sova Community Team a message. Looking forward to chatting to you all soon. 

Hi Everyone!!! My name is Linda Souksavath, TA Manager with Trend Micro. Although I've been with the company for 6 years, this is a fairly new role for me as we're building out a new internal recruiting team (recruitment has always been outsourced). I'm looking forward to learning and connecting with everyone! 

Hi everyone 👋🏼 I’m Steph and I’ve worked in recruitment for the past 4 years. I joined Sova to connect with like minded HR Professionals, hear their experiences, share challenges and solutions and to keep myself up to date with the latest techniques for hiring successfully. 

Hi @Linda Souksavath and @Steph S welcome to the Sova Community! If you ever have any questions please do feel free to reach out and enjoy exploring the community :) I'd also recommend following the @Sova Community Team as this account posts regular updates. 

Hello everyone, this is Abdulla . I am an assistant supervisor at Talabat in Bahrain.  I joined Sova to connect with like minded HR Professionals.

Welcome @Abdulla Mohamed please do reach out to us if you have any questions, also follow our profile for regular community updates. 

Hi all, I'm Yasmin I work as an Employer Engagement Coordinator for Serco covering the Restart Scheme for the West Midlands. The Restart Scheme is a DWP funded program to support people on universal credit back in to work. I would be keen to use this platform to partner with new employers to offer free recruitment support to hopefully place some of our participants back into work.

Hi @Yasmin Brotherson welcome to the community! Please do reach out to us if you have any questions, also follow our profile for regular community updates. 

Hello everyone My name is Merlyn Fernandes and i work as a Talent Acquisition Specialist  for a F&B developer and operator in the Middle East. I joined Sova to learn about the different developments in the  HR fields and learn from my fellow HR professionals

Hello Merlyn and a very warm welcome to the Sova Assessment Community! We have lots of learning resources including online course to help you get started. Feel free to invite any of your team to the community if you think they would find it useful, and if you have any specific questions don't hesitate to reach out. I'm tagging my colleague @Reginald who is a Senior Client Partner based in Dubai and would definitely be worth connecting with. 

Hi @Merlyn Fernandes , it's a pleasure to meet you.  Let's connect.  My email address is Let's meet for a coffee or virtually if you prefer.  Looking forward to speaking with you.

H everyone.  My name is Kelli Knox.  I am the Director of Learning and Development for HomeServe USA.  I am looking forward to meeting everyone and connecting.

Hi Every body! This is Mohamed Marawan egyptian working Al Nukhba Group in uae as a legal & HR Manager i am fealing proud to be a member into this cumminty there fore i am looking to learn how the assesments build a good relation with the  company.Hi Every body! iam Mohamed Marawan egyptian working Al Nukhba Group in uae as a legal & HR Manager i am fealing proud to be a member into this cumminty so i am looking to learn how the assesments build a good relation between the  company and the employees.

Hello all,

I am Shahul Hameed.  I am a HR Technology expert based in United Arab Emirates, with more than 2 decades of experience in automation of HR processes.  Presently on Oracle HCM Cloud platform.  I would be glad to be connected to the community in sharing the knowledge, experience and travel with you.

Hi All, My Name is Mahmoud Fawzi, HR leader, worked for multinational organizations and consulates in MENA region for 15+ years in HR and TA. 

Joined the community for : 

1. Assessments are one of my interests in HR, and as the whole world changed lately, and still changing, assessments should change as well. 70% of the world workforce is GenZ and millennials. 

2. Networking is always GREAT, especially for someone who is looing for his new challenge:) 

Welcome to the community @Mahmoud Mohamed Fawzi. We are excited you are here and always eager to keep up to date with the changing world of assessment, so follow our profile for regular community updates.  And please also let us know if you have any questions or need any help.