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Great to see you.

Started 5 months ago

Hi everyone, really excited to be part of the Sova Community. I am Learning and Development Coordinator working for Nesto Hypermarket. Really interested in Technology and Data Analytics and how to ensure fairness in assessment. 

Hello Shihad and welcome to the Sova Community! I really recommend you take a look at our 'Equitable Assessment' course which you'll find in the Assessment Academy (access via the menu top left of screen). We designed this course specifically to help optimise diversity and inclusion through the use of fair assessment, barriers to look out for as well as lots of practical resources and guidance.

We also have webinars and content specifically focused on technology and assessment, it's something we feel really strongly about, particularly the ethical use of new technology such as AI.

I'd love to hear what you think of the Community and any feedback on the courses and materials. 

Welcome @Shihad Paropadi as @Claire Rahmatallah mentioned above you can access our free courses via this link hereWe hope you enjoy exploring the community and look forward to hearing how you find the courses.