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Jan 14, 2022

Up to 50% increase in salaries for those looking for a new job!

In a recent BBC article they report that:  "A professional recruitment firm says it is placing graduate lawyers at top firms on starting salaries as high as £150,000 amid a shortage of workers. Alan Bannatyne, chief financial officer at Robert Walters, told the BBC people in many UK industries were quitting for better paid jobs amid soaring demand. "15% is the minimum pay rise we're seeing, but some are increasing their salaries by up to 50%," he said. "Unless something significant happens, 2022 should be even better for staff."" I'd love to hear what your organisation is experiencing at the moment? How are you retaining staff and meeting growing salary demands? 
Nov 11, 2021

5 biggest student recruitment trends of2021

The ISE release their annual student recruitment report this week and have shared the five trends that have been shaped by a turbulent few years. Interesting findings include: - organisations are receiving on average 91 applications per vacancy, the highest number since ISE began collecting data in 1999 - student recruitment is seeing a bounce back across all types of hires - virtual recruitment looks set to stay in some form - Most (65%) of employers have formal targets around diversity, and have been actively developing their recruitment processes to make them more inclusive. But almost all (99%) felt that they had more to do on diversity over the next five years. 5 biggest student recruitment trends of 2021 | ISE Knowledge hub Do check out our free online ED&I Equitable Assessment Course in the Assessment Academy for practical advice and guidance on how to optimise your assessment process for diversity and inclusion. 
Nov 10, 2021

What are you doing for your graduates?

We recently posted this article: about the top five things you can do when hiring graduates. We'd love to know what your organisation is doing to recruit the class of 2021?

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