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Oct 18, 2021

What's the evidence for...?

Do you ever wonder what the scientific evidence says about a particular talent management practice? Do you find it difficult to access and understand scientific information? The most effective managerial decisions require both critical thinking and the use of the best available evidence and all too often it's the latter that's most difficult to source. If you haven't heard of Science For Work before then I really recommend their website, which is full of digestible, trustworthy summaries to help organisations understand what works and what doesn't work in the field of people management. They produce short blog posts that draw on peer reviewed studies on topics such as recruitment and selection, leadership, talent management, performance management and teamwork. It's a rich source of information and I hope you find it useful. 
Aug 10, 2021

Podcast recommendation: In Machines We Trust

If you're interested to learn more about how artificial intelligence is being used in hiring then I strongly recommend this podcast -  In Machines We Trust. The last four episodes comprise a series looking at the use of this technology from screening resumes, job matching platforms, video interviews, assessment (in particular game-based) and explores the challenges, lack of legislation and potential opportunities. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic!
Jul 01, 2021

Why ineffective diversity training won't go away

This article on BBC Worklife highilghts the persistence of 'all staff diversity training' and why it's seen as the go-to strategy for dealing with a lack of diversity at work: This is a topic we'll be looking at in more depth later this month when we release a new free course on Community called 'Equitable Assessment - why equality isn't enough'. In this course we explore how a more systematic approach is required to tackling this complex challenge and how to ensure your assessment process can be optimised to level the playing field.
Jun 24, 2021


Hi! My name is Brooks Thurston and I am the Global Talent Acquisition Operations Manager at Northern Trust. I'm excited to join the community to connect and network with others, share best practices, benchmark, brainstorm. etc. Looking forward to connecting and contributing. 
Jun 22, 2021

Attracting the best talent

According to research shared in People Management the number of vacancies in the UK are now approaching pre-pandemic levels as experts urge employers to focus on creating ‘better jobs’ to attract talent. What's everyone's thoughts on this? Should we be recreating and rethinking more traditional job roles to attract talent? 
Jun 09, 2021

Podcast recommendation: Science 4-Hire

If you're looking for a short, digestible podcast series exploring the world of talent assessment (aren't we all?!), then I really recommend Science 4-Hire from Charles Handler. Charles is a highly experienced IO psychologist in the US and over the years has conducted in depth research on the assessment sector - you can download the latest market analysis report here. In this podcast series, he interviews professionals from the field of psychology and technology, critically evaluating assessment methods and innovations and examining the impact of emerging technology on identifying talent.  Listen to Science 4-Hire
May 25, 2021

Objective or biased: review of AI and its limitations when predicting the Big 5 traits using video technology

I came across this really interesting online presentation, sharing the results of a piece of research looking at the dangers of using AI in video interviews to predict personalit,y by analysing facial gestures and sentiment. They also looked at the impact of what’s behind the person on screen in the video interview, as well as lighting or wearing glasses.  This research highlights the danger of letting data determine your algorithm without proper SME intervention - the intersection between science and technology. Just because some features predict, doesn’t mean it is ethically or even legally justifiable to include them in your model. 

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